2017 Election Dates for Goa, UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur & Punjab

The Election Commission of India published the election dates of the assembly elections to be conducted across 5 states today 4th january 2017 Wednesday. The five states namely uttar pradesh, punjab, manipur, goa and uttarakhand will go into assembly poll. After the recent demonetisation, BJP is debuting for the first time is the assembly election crucially. Following are the highlights:

  • EC favorably decreasing the limit of anonymous donations to Rs.2000 only apart from switching to digital payments.
  • EC evaluating representation of few political parties on presenting the Union Budget in the poll process.
  • This time the practice of soliciting votes in the name of religion is called to be corruption.
  • The emblem of samajwadi party wil lbe confirmed by the Election Commission depending on the rules and precedent set therein.
  • The vote counting will be conducted on 11th march 2017.
  • The state of uttar pradesh polling in seven phases on the dates of 11th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 27th february and 4th and 8th march 2017.
  • The two phase manipur election will be held on 4 March and 8 March 2017.
  • The single phase Uttarakhand is to be conducted on 15.2.2017 and the Punjab & Goa on 4.2.2017.
  • Commission has introduced a big number of IT apps to facilitate voters, election candidates, and political parties
  • The party candidates are instructed to make registration of their social media accounts with the EC.
  • All the Political parties should ensure filing statements on the expenditure of candidate within thirty days of results announcement.
  • The black money will be curbed through the hardened expenditure monitor mechanism.
  • The electoral expenses for each candidates is limited to Rs 28 Lakh for UP, Punjab & Uttarakhand; Rs.20 Lakh for Manipur & Goa
  • Maximum central reserve police and local police to be deployed for CBMs
  • The Model Code of Conduct across five states comes into effect immediately
  • The specimen photo has to be affixed on nomination papers of the candidates.
  • Apart from filing affidavit, every individual candidate has to file a no-demand certificate that deals with electricity, and water.
  • The transfer of Postal ballots electronically in few constituencies
  • The candidate’s photo will be affixed on Ballot paper on EVMs.
  • The state of Goa will be saturated with VVPAT with increment in number of VVPAT constituencies.
  • All the states will use Electronic Voting Machines.
  • Additional polling stations for women will be in place whereever necessary
  • The Height of voting compartment is increased to 30″ inch for privacy
  • The voter guidance booth will be available at the Outside of each polling station.
  • Nearly 1,85,000 polling booths will be included under operations
  • Each family will be given Colourful voter guide along with photo voter slip
  • Nearly sixteen crores of voters are to cast the votes.
  • The electoral roll draft will be released in the Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh on 5th, 12th, 5th, 10th, and 12th january respectively.
  • About 690 legislative assemblies is participating in poll
  • The legislative assembly terms for five states expires on 18.3.2017 for Goa, Manipur and Punjab; 26.3.2017 for Uttarakhand and 27.3.2017 for Uttar Pradesh.

For detailed election dates find here

Uttar Pradesh (Total Seats:‚ÄČ403)
Phase Date of Polling Constituencies
Phase I 11 February 2017 73 (15 districts)
Phase II 15 February 2017 67 (11 districts)
Phase III 19 February 2017 69 (12 districts)
Phase IV 23 February 2017 53 (12 districts)
Phase V 27 February 2017 52 (11 districts)
Phase VI 4 March 2017 49 (7 districts)
Phase VII 8 March 2017 40 (7 districts)
Punjab (Total seats: 117)
Phase Date of Polling Constituencies
Single Phase 4 February 2017 117
Uttarakhand (Total seats: 70)
Phase Date of Polling Constituencies
Single Phase 15 February 2017 70
Manipur (Total seats: 60)
Phase Date of Polling Constituencies
Phase I 4 March 2017 38
Phase II 8 March 2017 22
Goa (Total seats: 40)
Phase Date of Polling Constituencies
Single Phase 4 February 40