Assam Bye Election 2014 AIUDF Leading Seats

assamThe latest trends of Assam Bye election 2014 alerts that the All India United Democratic Front / AIUDF is leading in Silchar, Lakhipur & Jamunamukh assembly constituencies. The vote Counting of Assam across all assam constituencies is out from today at 8 am morning 16.09.2014 that had polling on 13.09.2014.

Both Silchar Congress MLA Sushmita Dev & Jamunamukh AIUDF MLA Mohammad Sirajuddin Ajmal wanted the bye election against the 2014 Lok Sabha in the month of May. After the demise of sitting Congress MLA Dinesh Prasad Goala the by-poll in Lakhipur was necessitated.

Arun Dutta Majumdar of Congress, Dilip Kumar Paul from BJP & Nur Ahmed Barbhuyan AIUDF are amongst the prominent contestants in Silchar, ex-Congress MLA Dinesh Prasad Goala’s son Rajdeep Goala of Cong., Mukesh Pandey AIUDF & Sanjay Thakur BJP are famous candidates in the town of Lakhipur.

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The Bye Election Results 2014 in text are available here

Assam          AIUDF – 1;       Congress – 1;    BJP – 1

– Silchar   –   BJP Leading
– Lakhipur   –   Congress Leading
– Jamunamukh   –   AIUDF Leading
Party Wins Change*
BJP+ 13 -13
SP 8 +7
Cong 7 +5
Others 4 +1
Awaited 0


ASSAM 3 / 3
Party Wins Change*
BJP 1 0
Cong 1 0
Others 1 0
Awaited 0