Last Hour Prediction of TN Lok Sabha Winner – DMK AIADMK BJP Congress

The parliamentary elections 2014 will see a paradigm alignment in the political field. Whether Modi ‘wave’ covered the country or still the Congress have a chance at getting the 16th Lok Sabha Elections? The results will be in light on 16.05.2014. Now lets see What role does Tamil Nadu has in national politics irrespective of AIADMK or DMK alliance.

Earlier election twenty seven lok sabha seats have won in company of Congress and DMK where this time there is no alliance. Hence DMK is facing a big challenge in holding its political fortunes with Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa on the other hand earning fame among the masses for her food scheme.

Now What mood does the public of the nation in to guess Who is the most famous and the most looked party & political leader online.

AIADMK J Jayalalithaa Will Jury / get Jerk?

J Jayalalithaa who is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is the topmost searched politician of Tamil Nadu in compare to DMK supremo on the internet. Her search is over the subsidised food canteen turning popularity among people with her recent campaigning creamed fair response on the social media.

DMK M Karunanidhi Will Kingpin or falling Kite?

While DMK might not be on top popularity meter with only their supporters have ensuring the party and its leaders are viralled on google with their sibling rivalry of Stalin and Alagiri. The search meter reported that AIADMK rose from 17% in Jan to 54% in the month of April with DMK’s search hiked by 47 to 42% in April. Also AIADMK had secured nine seats in 2009 Lok Sabha Elections.

Congress Sonia Will Court / go Crap?

Congress stands independently without any alliance in the Tamil Nadu State. While in 2009, Congress took eight seats and is now searched good on internet with no support and its winning is bleak.

BJP Modi is Bin or will Bill?
Bharatiya Janata Party is having alliance with 5 smaller parties to compete the bigger players in the state like AIADMK / DMK. The countrymens have made wide search on Modi and his Gujarat model through the search engine.