Loksabha Voters Guidenline – Report Card for Selecting the right Candidate in your constituency

electionLoksabha Voters Guidenline – Report Card for Selecting the right Candidate in your constituency.

It is election in India so choose between good and bad candidates of the poll. For any lok sabha electioneering for the indian parliament the contesting candidates who are field are screened, monitored and eligible to contest through the rules laid by the election commission of India.

Now it is the public voters turn to re-analyze the published facts filed in the candidate’s nomination. No electoral is without the knowledge of judging the representing participant for the ls general election 2014.  But here are few titbits that are generally in practice to identify the right candidature of the assembly or parliamentary constituency.

Though it is hard to know all the details about the candidate and to predict its future action on power atleast to the lowest of the lowest one should know the under listed characteristic of the candidate fielded in the Election 2014.

As for being the remarks is left open to the public to give their opinions, comments of all parties of the candidates on field in the respective regions. The member of parliament or member of legislative assembly or other superior / inferior officers can be as under way.

Qualities Remarks
Ability To Cope With Hard Circumstances
Respect For Local Attitudes
Ability To Plan And Co-ordinate Teams
Age And Fitness
Analytical Skills
Drafting And Reasoning Skill
Communication Skills
Readiness To Work In A Multi-cultural Environment
Conduct Certificates
Criminal Records
Debating Skills
Drinking & Liquor Habits
English & Linguistics
Experience At Training And Instructing People
His Family And Their Educations
His Friends & Contacts
Interpersonal Skills
Capacity Of Balanced Judgement
Ability To Work In Teams
Knowledge About His Constituency
Knowledge Of English, Local And National Language
Leadership Qualities
Legal Knowhow
Qualification & Professional Degree
Tech Savvy Using Email, Twitter, Facebook