4 Jan 2017

2017 Election Dates for Goa, UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur & Punjab

The Election Commission of India published the election dates of the assembly elections to be conducted across 5 states today 4th january 2017 Wednesday. The five states namely uttar pradesh, punjab, manipur, goa and uttarakhand will go
5 Mar 2014

Goa L.S. Election Date For Nomination Filing Scrutiny Withdrawal Poll Counting 2014

The 7 th electioning day is by 30.4.2014 to be polled in eighty nine PC in 9 states. The Sixth poll date is by April 24 surrounding twelve states and 117 PCs About 930000 polling booths thus
22 May 2014

Sikkim State Assembly Election Results 2014

The final list of sikkim parliamentary election in India took a toll between april and may 2014 and had its last results declared irrespective of candidate’s victory or defeat and here are the top winners and top
20 May 2014

Odisha Winner Candidates of 2014 India General Election Results

The Election Commission of India announced the polling results of orissa state that went polling between april 7 and may 12, 2014. Odisha is ruled by Biju Janata Dal with big majority alike as they took victory
16 Sep 2014

2014 Uttar Pradesh Bye Election Poll Results

As of now the state of Uttar Pradesh held bye polling shows the Samajwadi Party winning 8 of the eleven assembly seats for 2014 by-elections. The bharatiya janata party has also achieved balance 3 seats. 10 of