18 Mar 2014

Indian National Congress INC MP List 2014 State Wise Parliament Election

...Election Commission of India. The Member of Parliament election 2014 vote counting will be processed on 16th May 2014 by the Election Commission of India and on the same date the winning party candidates name list will
7 Mar 2014

Bihar MP List 2014 Rashtriya Janata Dal 16th Lok Sabha Poll Date Schedule

Bihar MP List 2014 Rashtriya Janata Dal 16th Lok Sabha Poll Date Schedule: For the 40 Parliamentary constituencies of Bihar state the 16th Lok Sabha of India Parliament election is to be held and the MP
6 Oct 2014

Maharashtra State Assembly Election 2014 Voters List, Party Wise Candidates Name

...ction to the Maharashtra state Assembly in September / October 2014. Since the terms of the Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra state due to expire 8th November 2014 the Maharashtra Assembly election is to be conducted, There are
14 Mar 2014

BJP Full MP Candidates Name List 2014 Lok Sabha Parliament Election Polls

...term is to be completed by 31st May 2014 and for electing the new Member of Parliament MPs to the 16th Lok Sabha of India the general election will be conducted for 543 Parliamentary constituencies by the
10 Mar 2014

DMK MP List 2014 Tamilnadu and Puducherry Lok Sabha Parliament Election

...Union Muslim League IUML The Election commission of India will issue the notification about the Tamilnadu state election on 29th March 2014. The last date for filing the Nominations will be 5th April 2014 and the