Top 10 priorities in first 100 days of Modi Govt

To top ten turn-around priorities to complete in 100 day agenda by shri. narendra modi the newly elected 15th prime minister of India

  • To eliminate hurdles in economic development with the inflation tops priority.
  • To fast education, energy & water of which Modi more concerns over the education system.
  • To materialize the industrialists idea in reforming infrastructure in specific to the infrastructure space so as to revive growth & gain investor confidence thus turning as largest manufacturing hub as India.
  • To have people at all levels of development of India with just not only good governance instead to give a people-oriented, pro-people and pro-active government.
  • To eradicate policy stagnating and ensuring timely application of policy.
  • To balance policy consistence.
  • To live e-auctioning of government tenders and associated works and bringing transparency.
  • To enhance the state-ministerial cooperation thus to get together to make sure better coordination by demanding secretaries’ view.
  • To construct concrete confidence in the bureaucracy.
  • To empower & offer liberty to the bureaucracy.